Engine Driven

3.5 – 5.0 ton

1F5 Series

Creating a new dimension in forklift truck performance

With a full complement of standard features the 1F5 Series, with capabilities from 3.5 to 5.0 ton, has introduced a variety of new features in response to users’ needs. This includes an automatic 2-speed transmission and a class-leading lift speed for excellent maneuverability, a low-vibration 6-cylinder engine, easy-to-use switches and levers, and a safety-first operator’s seat for enhanced operator comfort and safety, and an aluminum radiator and a torque converter with cooling fins for high durability. They combine to contribute to increased productivity and efficiency.

Key objectives

* Standard on all truck models with an automatic transmission

Excellent maneuverability

  • Class-leading lift speed
  • 2-speed automatic transmission
  • * 3-Mode selection switch

Enhanced Operator Comfort

  • Low-vibration, low-cost, 6-cylinder S6S engine
  • Auto-glow system (Diesel engine trucks)
  • Light switch combined with turn signal lever
  • Single control lever (option)
  • * Electric shift lever
  • Spacious foot well is neat and trim

Greater safety

  • Improved forward visibility
  • Neutral safety mechanism
  • High-mount stop lamps
  • Engine hood with an automatically-locked stay damper
  • Safety seat with side supports

High durability

  • Rigid differential and axles
  • Oil-filled lift cylinders
  • * Torque converter with cooling fins
  • * Oil-filled clutch is standard
  • Aluminum radiator