1.5 – 2.5 ton

BX Series - Four Wheel

Perfect Balance

Eco-friendly, economical and easy to operate: get outstanding productivity results with the new BX Series! Featuring with cutting edge technologies, BX Series is the ultimate in electric-powered forklifts.

In addition to class-leading performances including long operating hours, superb power and high traveling speeds, environment friendly and economical features are reflected in BX Series as well as its easy operation. Balancing safety and quality with remarkable efficiency, BX Series is the electric-powered forklifts destined to become the first choice in the material handling scenes.

Key objectives


  • High traveling and lifting speed
  • Dust and water-resistant controller
  • Fuzzy logic acceleration control
  • Smooth-run system (option)
  • 3+1 Performance modes
  • Enhanced low-speed operability
  • Improved restarting on inclines

Eco-friendly and Economical

  • Five regenerative functions
  • Real-time energy consumption indicator
  • Long operating hours
  • LED headlamps / LED rear operation lamp (option)

Reassuring Safety

  • Restraint seat with suspension
  • Swaying control system
  • Mast lock system
  • PIN-code access

Easy to Operate

  • Multifunctional LCD monitor
  • Three-stage full-free mast carriage for expansive visibility
  • Soft landing system (available only for the 2W mast)
  • Load meter (option)
  • Wide-open foot space
  • Foot parking brake
  • Single control lever (option)
  • Automobile-style light / turn-signal lever and small-stroke F/R lever (electric type)
  • Tilt leveling system (option available with the Load Meter)
  • Small-diameter steering wheel with tilt adjustment