You should consider buying a forklift second-hand

If your business operations take place in a warehouse, chances are you need a forklift. They’re essential tools for lifting, moving and handling stock in any warehouse environment. The decision to buy the right forklift for the job, one that will effectively and reliably move your products, shouldn’t be taken lightly. We’ve gathered a few good reasons why buying an indispensable second-hand forklift is sometimes the best decision to make.

  1. The cost

Obviously, second-hand equipment will hurt your pocket less than anything brand new out-of-the-box. Any business looking to save money and stay within budget would do well to browse the second-hand forklift market for a great deal. Depending on the type of machine you’re looking for, you could save up to 50% or more on a second-hand forklift, which brings us to our next point.

  1. Flexibility

If you compare the prices of new and used forklifts, you may be happy to discover that you can buy 2 used machines for the price of one new one. If your business needs several different machines for different jobs, this point is well worth considering.

  1. Ease of use

Older forklift models are familiar to your operators. If you acquire a machine that your workers are already familiar with, your business will save costs on training. Mechanics are also more familiar with repair and maintenance of a used forklift, saving valuable time in the long run.

  1. Proof of durability

A second-hand forklift has already proven its capabilities. This is great news because you can now determine whether the machine will be faulty or not. In addition to this, if the used model does eventually need repairs, costs associated with parts and maintenance are cheaper due to the age of the forklift. A proven track record and reduced repair costs are both great benefits to think about when choosing whether to buy new or used.

  1. Ease of purchase

Save time and energy buying second-hand. Often, purchasing equipment that is already used leads to a faster buying process. When it’s time to sell your forklift on, this point also applies and now you can enjoy the benefit of quickly selling your assets to eager buyers.

Selecting the right forklift is as important as searching for a great deal. If your business needs a forklift to effectively handle warehouse operations, consider buying second-hand and consider making your purchase from Bidvest Materials Handling.

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